Space and Adventures


A wide range of planets offers you different approaches of settling, some are hot and hot and some are burst in parts.


Keep an eye open for Asteroid, deadly but also full of mineable and valuable minerals.

The Unknown

Space is not always quiet, watch out for natural disasters and raiders everywhere.


Grow and conquer


  • Satisfy your settlers

    Your settlers have needs, take care of them and they will give you more abilities to manage your empire

  • Use their strength

    The more settlers you have the more powerful your empire become.

  • Let them work for you

    Working settlers are good for your treasury, the more they work and trade the more you have.


  • Trade between Planets

    Each Planet has different resources and goods that need to be transported.

  • Trade with moons

    Some planets have moons, use them to get extra minerals and trade them back.

  • Protect

    Protect your trade routes, you are not the only one, who has an eye on the goods.


Command and Conquer

Unit Editor

Design your own ship by combining frames and modules together.

Ship Crew

Each battle boosts the skills of the crew which improves your ship.


Improve weapons and armor to keep the advantage on your side.

Facts and deadlines


Low Poly Style graphics, simple and clean style
VR (HTC Vive)

VR Mode will be supported

2 Years needed to accomplish all goals and Features
Early Access

Steam Greenlight December 2016, Early Access Q2 2017

Depends on demand and community feedback

Can affect during development (Polls, Forum)

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Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2016



We are proud to announce Settlers of Space. You are the commander of a small ship and your job is to conquer new territories and resources. First you start with a small settlement in outer space and by supporting your settlers with food and goods, they will advance to new standards and your empire will grow up to a multi planet highly advanced society. Take control of your fleet and lead the research to unknown technologies. Protect your settlers and establish a mighty empire.

Jump into your spaceship now and help us to make this game come true. Support us on Kickstarter or by giving a “Like” on Steam Greenlight.

Model viewer

If you want to see more check out the model viewer in 3D.

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Facts about the Developer


Working on game development for many years.


Passion about space games.

Orientation on

Settlers of Space will be a mix of the Anno franchise and an old game called Warzone 2100.

Future plans

I take my time to create one of the games I always wanted.

Game Engine

Unity Engine is used to develop Settlers of Space.

One man army

I do all the stuff.